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Jason Cody

Executive Director

(423) 975-5005

jcody [at] fthra [dot] org

Pamela Gardner

Director of Adult Day Services

(423) 928-8855

adult_day_services [at] yahoo [dot] com

Teresa Bohannon

Director of Human Resources

(423) 975-5006

tbohannon [at] fthra [dot] org

Kristina Peters

Director of Corrections

(423) 461-8236

kpeters [at] fthra [dot] org

Stephanie Walker

Director of Nutrition Services

(423) 461-8217

swalker [at] fthra [dot] org

Kevin Whalen

Director of Corporate Operations

(423) 431-8833

kwhalen [at] fthra [dot] org

Joseph Hildebran

Administrative Aide to the Executive Staff

(423) 975-5005

jhildebran [at] fthra [dot] org

Pat Crowl

Rural Public Transportation Administrative Manager

(423) 461-8219

pcrowl [at] fthra [dot] org

Jondalyn Armstrong

Director of Safe Passage Domestic Violence Shelter Program

(423) 232-8920

larmstrong [at] fthra [dot] org

Kim Greene

HR Generalist

(423) 979-6971

kgreene [at] fthra [dot] org

Holly Hudson

Director of Senior Employment Program and Director of Foster Grandparent Program

(423) 461-7845

hhudson [at] fthra [dot] org

Darrell Key

Director of Personal Support Services

(423) 461-8202

dkey [at] fthra [dot] org

Candace Gump

NET Trans Deputy Director

(423) 461-8206

cgump [at] fthra [dot] org

Racheal Henegar

NET Trans Business Manager

(423) 461-8222

rhenegar [at] fthra [dot] org

Sam Ellis

Operations Supervisor

(423) 461-5021

sellis [at] fthra [dot] org

Renee Fox

Childcare Food Program Manager

(423) 218-7782

rfox [at] fthra [dot] org