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In April of 2013, the City of Johnson City was awarded an $800,000.00 Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project (TCCRP) grant from the Office of Criminal Justice Programs, which is administered by the Johnson City Police Department.  This grant is to reduce drug related and violent crime in the areas of Johnson City where these crimes occur most often which is the Mountain Home and Downtown neighborhoods.  The strategy for implementing the TCCRP required planning interventions in the following four areas:

1.  Pre-Enforcement

2.  Neighborhood Revitalization

3.  Enforcement

4.  Offender Intervention


During the planning phase for this project, community partners representing law enforcement, corrections agencies, judicial and mental health professionals sat down to discuss strategies for offender interventions and identify hindrances facing successful offender reentry in order to reduce recidivism in Johnson City.  It was during these discussions that the idea of creating a “one stop shop” of services for high risk, high need offenders was developed.


The Day Reporting Center consists of a high intensity, three phase program where offenders are court ordered to attend anywhere from nine months to a year, depending on the rate of individual program progression.  During these phases,  classes are offered, such as:  Drug and Alcohol Education, Dynamic group, Victim Impact, Anger Management, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Skills Group, Employment Readiness Training, Relationship Groups, Faith Based education, Goal Setting, Community Service and individual counseling.  Each individual must meet the requirements of a phase before moving on to the next.


The Day Reporting Center is housed at First Tennessee Human Resource Agency, 704 Rolling Hills Drive in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Community partners and facilitators servicing the program include:  Frontier Health, Tennessee Department of Corrections, Alternative Community Corrections Program, Johnson City Police Department, Goodwill of Tenneva Area, East Tennessee State University PhD student interns and the U.T. Extension Program.   If you would like additional information about the Day Reporting Center, you may contact:


Becky Haas, TCCRP Director

Johnson City Police Department

(423) 434-6105

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Ashton Belcher, DRC Program Manager

First Tennessee Human Resource Agency

(423) 979-6988


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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DRC Phase Schedules and Criteria


Transportation is offered through Johnson City Transit to 704 Rolling Hills Drive. Click JCT Flyer to see schedule.


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The Office of Criminal Justice Programs  (OCJP) approached Johnson City and offered them a grant opportunity over a year ago.  Since that time it has impacted the community in so many various ways.  Recently the TCCRP was honored to have been nominated by the OCJP for a national award.  Below you will find a link to video which explains and highlights the various partners and programs within our community that are offered due to this grant.  Please take a look!  You will be amazed at all the partners and people that this grant helps on a daily basis!




Grant brought groups together to target crime in Johnson City